Buy Distressed Properties and Foreclosures in Florida

Florida Investment Property - Buy Distressed Properties and Foreclosures

Our Mission
Our mission is to create a company that will be beneficial to every person and community we conduct business with or within. Sellers will benefit by being able to sell their distressed homes. We will create jobs through our contractors, community property values will increase with our renovations; investors will enjoy an excellent rate of return, and buyers will receive a quality house at a reasonable price. These goals are in line with our foundation values of integrity, respect, drive, and compassion.

Short Term Goals

In its first year, Florida Investment Property will focus on efficient operations and building relationships. Operations will focus on simplicity. Our renovations will balance economics and aesthetics, with minimal customization.  Florida Investment Property will also work on building strong rapport with our investors, wholesalers, contractors, and listing agents. Relationships on all levels will emphasize integrity, fairness, and respect. During this period our goal will be to purchase, renovate, and sell and average of 1-2 homes per month with and ultimate total of 20 homes sold for the year. Our return on investment (ROI) goal will be 20% average for the year.

Long Term Goals
In the next five years, Florida Investment Property will hope to average a turn rate of 10-15 houses per month with a $1,000,000 cash reserve. We also will look to diversify our business into commercial real estate, property management, and real estate brokerage services.

Ownership and Employees
Florida Investment Property is a highly leveraged company with only two employees. Omar Andreasen and Ryan Kimura are sole owners and equal shareholders. Employees may be added on after the first year on an as needed basis.

Omar Andreasen is a licensed real estate agent in the State of Florida with over 10 years of property management and sales experience. Mr. Andreasen owned and operated Modern Day Home Services LLC, a property management firm, in 2001 with 15 managed homes which quickly increased to over 200 properties under management when it was sold in 2005.

Ryan Kimura is the current owner and CFO of Synergy Entertainment Worldwide Inc., which has seen gross sales increase annually from $120,000 per year in 2003, to over $600,000 in 2008. Mr. Kimura has over 13 years of sales, financial analysis, and management experience at both large corporations and small businesses.

Target Condition/Strategies
The local housing market will determine the specific strategy for each purchased property. Generally, however, our goal will be to purchase, renovate, and sell properties within 90-180 days of the original purchase. Markets will be constantly monitored with this timeframe in mind.

In slow markets, Florida Investment Property will leverage the high amount of supply and lack of buyers in the market. Properties will be purchased at well below market value, and renovations will be done at nominal rates using contractor competition and the surplus of building materials. Restored properties will be attractively priced and exits creatively executed to entice interest.

In neutral markets, identifying distressed homes will be relatively easy, as they will be difficult to sell in comparison to their peers. After renovation, these homes will attract attention and fetch maximum market value when marketed properly.

Florida Investment Property’s hot or fast market strategy will continue to emphasize distressed properties below market value, with the expectation of full or above market price when completed. Other investment opportunities include homes unable to be funded by conventional financing. In this type of market, we expect that multiple competitive buyers will be present and renovation cost will be escalated.

Target Condition/Strategies
Florida Investment Property will target all middle class neighborhoods in Central Florida. The After Repair Value (ARV) of these houses will generally range between $100,000-$200,000. These homes represent the median price for the area. Our target buyers will be professional couples in the 25-44 year old range.

Selecting Properties

Properties will be evaluated using a proven rehabbing program. Most properties will be in a distressed condition and unsellable by conventional financing. All properties will either be a single family residence, a duplex, a triplex, or a quadplex. Evaluated properties will usually be 3 bedroom/2 bath, single family layouts, with occasional exceptions for larger 2 bedroom properties that can be converted to 3 bedrooms. All properties will be thoroughly inspected with a very strong focus on the foundation and roof, as these areas can prove to be costly if repairs are not factored into the renovation costs. Purchases will only be made if the purchase price, closing fees, interest, and renovation costs do not exceed 80% of the ARV.

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